Friday, September 11, 2015

Meet Byron Logan, the SPCA's New Executive Director

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Animals for Adoption
     Here are some of the animals available for adoption at the shelters in our area:

                                        Rocko-available at Baltimore County Animal Shelter

Lucy-available at the Baltimore Humane Society

Dinah-available at the MD SPCA

Candy-available at BARCS
There are, of course, many more animals at all four shelters, all of which need loving homes. If you want a new pet, please adopt.

Low-cost Rabies Vaccination clinics  

Commission Business
     As you may know, the Baltimore County Animal Oversight Committee has begun its work. 
     In the August 25th meeting, Commission members presented their findings from a visit to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter, and two members presented information about the new animal shelter which is under construction on Manor Rd.  
     Here's a link to a virtual tour of the new shelter: 
     Shelter construction is moving along. The completion date for Phase One of the project is 
October 14th. Phase One is the completion of the new building but does not include the demolition of the old buildings or the completion of the new parking lot. It's expected to take four weeks to move into the new facility after it's turned over to the county by the contractor.

     At the last meeting, it was decided that Commission subcommittees will look into three issues:
  • Baltimore County's policies for Administrative Hold animals (animals held at the shelter involved in cases of animal abuse or aggression 
  • The contract rescue organizations must sign to partner with the shelter
  • What kinds of programs should our new animal shelter offer?
     Commission meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to the public, so feel free to attend. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept.15th at 6:30 PM in the 
Wilson Room of the Towson library. 

New Partnership with Community Cats of Maryland (CCMD) and opening of East Side Spay/Neuter Facility
     This is pretty stupendous news. The county has announced a partnership with CCMD to carry out Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) in the county's pilot TNR program. CCMD will now run all of its TNR clinic operations out of Baltimore County's new East Side Spay/Neuter facility which has opened in Dundalk at 7702 Dunmanway. 
     According to CCMD's Peg Nemoff, the first clinic will take place this month and will run on a once a month schedule. Clinics are set up to provide assistance to caretakers/trappers in the order that they sign up for clinic spaces and with consideration as how to much personal assistance they need from CCMD volunteers for trapping and support. 
     If you are a caretaker of a colony of community cats, you can sign up for clinic spaces by using this link:
      TNR is considered the only humane way to address the problem of the hundreds of millions of stray and feral cats that roam the streets of the United States. It involves trapping cats, spaying or neutering them, vaccinating them and then returning them to the place where they were found.
     When 90-100% of cats in a given colony are spayed or neutered, that effectively stops reproduction and stabilizes the colony's numbers.
     If you would like more information about TNR, here's a link to a Save 90 video about a grant-funded Baltimore City TNR project run out of BARCS.
     CCMD is a great choice to lead the county's TNR efforts as it has extensive experience in TNR. It has been running TNR clinics in Baltimore City since 2004, first under the auspices of the Maryland Feline Society, and then as CCMD when it was incorporated. Since then it has altered well over 3 thousand cats.
     The opening of the new East Side Spay/Neuter facility itself is great news as it now gives residents in that part of the county more convenient access to Baltimore County's low-cost spay/neuter services. The county also plans to open a Spay/Neuter facility on the west side. Its exact location has not yet been determined.

Pets into the Community
     Yes, it's become a regular occurrence. The Baltimore County Animal Shelter is participating in many off-site adoption events. This weekend the shelter will have a booth at the Reisterstown Festival. Here's the post that appeared on the shelter's Facebook page about it:

"In order to increase pet adoptions and provide pet education to the public, our new volunteer coordinator registered Baltimore County Animal Servicesfor a bunch of upcoming adoption events. We told Rescue Well that we were planning on going to The Reisterstown Festival. Next thing you know, Rescue Well called to say that one of their generous donors, Michael Mandis - Alliance Mortgage Funding sponsored a booth for BCAS at the festival! 
Thank you so much Rescue Well. Your compassion and dedication to pets and people astounds us on a daily basis! Michael Mandis – we are humbled by your generosity and extend our gratitude to you! Your contribution will allow BCAS to place many animals is new homes! 
Please come visit some of our adoptable pets at the Reisterstown Festival this weekend! This free festival is packed with fun activities and entertainment for people of all ages! For more information about The Reisterstown Festival visit"

Recently the shelter also had a booth at the MD State Fair. Kudos to the shelter for its continued involvement in these events. 
An Interesting Idea reports on an interesting development at New Mexico's Rio Rancho Animal Control Shelter. The shelter has changed its policy on owner-reclaimed animals. Where it used to charge $125 to reclaim a pet, a new policy has cut the reclaim fees in half for most people.
     The net result through the first 6 months of 2015 was a 39% increase in animals returned to owners.  
     While the city now has less income from reclaim fees, it also has fewer expenses from having to take care of those animals. In all, says Rio Rancho Police Captain Paul Rogers, it appears to be "a wash in the end". 
     And, the best news of all: with more reclaims, there's been a 5% decrease in the number of animals euthanized at the shelter. 

Now on to the main subject of today's post: Meet Byron Logan, the SPCA's New 
Executive Director
     He's warm and engaging and has a vision for the MD SPCA. Byron Logan has been hired as the organization's new Executive Director, replacing Aileen Gabbey who spent nearly two decades with the MD SPCA. 
     Byron has a broad vision of the animal community in the Baltimore area. He does not see the work of each shelter or rescue separately, or as one piece of a puzzle. He only sees the puzzle as a completed whole, with all shelters and rescue groups in our area working together for the good of our community's animals. 
     Meet Byron Logan in this video interview.

     Save 90 wishes Byron Logan the best of luck in his new job!

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