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RESCUE WELL-A rescue for rescues. And more.

     Lets start with a big thank you to Save 90's newest advertiser: Robyn Geller Productions.  Robyn wasn't able to make a video so we'll make do with her business card!

Something New
     Save 90 is always interested in new ways to help animals. So, when I saw an article online that included photos of animals available for adoption, I thought, "What a great idea!"
     So, now, each Save 90 blog post will have photos of pets available in our area. Here are the featured pets for this post:
                              Mooberta-available at BARCS
 Link to the BARCS site: http://baltimoreanimalshelter.org/adopt


        China-available at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter
          Visit Baltimore County Animal Services on Facebook:


                          Seville-available at the MD SPCA    
                           Link to the MD SPCA's website: 

           Norman-available at the Baltimore Humane Society
                     Link to the Humane Society's website:

     Obviously, there are many more wonderful animals at all our local shelters. If you're looking for a new pet, please adopt. 

Commission underway
     It's been a long time coming (over 5 months), but the 
Baltimore County Animal Services Oversight Commission is about to hold its first meeting. The Commission, established by the Baltimore County Council, is charged with looking into the Baltimore County Animal Shelter and making recommendations for improvements in its operations. 
     Save 90 believes the Commission should not have an 
"us vs. them" mentality. Those running the shelter want to save as many lives as possible. The Commission's research and recommendations should facilitate their efforts.
     The meetings are open to the public, but the public is only allowed to observe, not participate.
     The first meeting will be held July 21st at 6 P.M. (tonight as of this post) at the Towson library branch at 320 York Rd. 
     Save 90 encourages anyone interested to attend.

Changes at the Baltimore Humane Society
     The Baltimore Humane Society is accepting applications for a new Executive Director. Jen Swanson has left that position to be the new Executive Director of the Harford County Humane Society. Save 90 wishes her the best.

Howard County Animal Welfare Society
     There have been increasing complaints about conditions at the Howard County Animal Welfare Society, a private, non-profit shelter that's not affiliated with the county government-run Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center. 
     Save 90 is looking into these charges, and has learned that Howard County Animal Control is conducting an investigation. This subject will be on the agenda at a future public meeting of the Howard County Animal Matters Hearing Board. 
Apologies: I previously wrote that this issue would be discussed at tonight's meeting of the Animal Matters Hearing Board. This was inaccurate. The date that will happen has not been set, but the meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. 
     Here are some questions Save 90 posed to a spokeswoman for the Howard County Police Dept. (which runs Howard County Animal Control), and the spokeswoman's answers.
Q: Has the Animal Welfare facility been notified that it needs to provide medical care to particular animals? 
A: Yes. These details are part of the ongoing investigation.
Q: I would like to get a copy (through email if possible) of the citations that are outstanding. Do they specify the changes necessary and a time frame under which changes must be made? 
A: These documents are not yet available while the investigation is ongoing.
Q: Which state and federal bodies have been notified of Animal Control’s citations and investigation? Have they gotten involved or do they only get involved if the facility’s problems reach a particular level of seriousness? 
A: Animal Control is working with partner agencies to address possible issues related to animal care, licensing and finances. The specific details are not available at this time while the investigation is open, but we encourage you to come to the Animal Matters Hearing Board meeting when this case is addressed. 
     Save 90 will be following up.

Now onto the main subject of this post
Rescue Well-A Rescue for Rescues. And More
     How do you save thousands of animals a year? That's the task facing the Baltimore County Animal Shelter as well as other open admission shelters like BARCS in Baltimore City. Animals pour through the door in an endless stream, day after day after day.
With a limited number of cages, a finite amount of money, and never enough adopters, some animals must be euthanized to make room for more.
     Shelters that want to save as many lives as possible must be creative. And they need to make use of resources offered by rescue groups that pull dogs and cats for foster and adoption, as well as other organizations that can provide resources. One of the organizations that helps shelters in our area is called Rescue Well. 
     A woman named Christine Sandberg, who is Vice President of a rescue group called ReLove Animals, founded Rescue Well in 2011 under the ReLove umbrella. Rescue Well's initial mission was to help BARCS with post-adoption support.
     But seeing more need, Christine began expanding the group's mission, establishing partnerships with other shelters and even agencies like the Veterans Administration. 
     Here are some of the other tasks that Rescue Well has taken on: 

  • Pet Placement
Rescue Well volunteers comb Craig's list ads, yard sale sites, etc. where people offer animals for sale or for free, and offer to work with these pet owners to find safe homes for their animals. 
  • Coordination with Baltimore City Animal Control
Sandberg visits Baltimore neighborhoods with many at-risk animals...ones that are not spayed/neutered, are left chained or tethered outside, are malnourished or mistreated, or are likely to end up in area shelters. When she finds problems, she offers pet owners advice on how to comply with animal regulations. When pet owners refuse to cooperate, Rescue Well reaches out to Animal Control to step in. 
  • Free Spay/Neuter
Rescue Well is offering free spay/neuter surgeries for some pets through a MD Dept. of Agriculture grant. 
  • Less Expensive Pet Food
The group offers dog and cat owners pet food bought in bulk. 
  • Hotline     
Rescue Well has a hotline for those needing help, or those who want to anonymously report pets in distress. 
     It's impressive to see Christine and Rescue Well in action. I hope you'll take a peek in this short video (just over 2 minutes).


     In the last several months, the Baltimore County Animal Shelter (BCAS) has begun collaborating with Rescue Well. Here are some of the things Rescue Well has been doing for BCAS: 
1. Temporary boarding or fostering for pets with rescue pending
2. Transport 
3. Surrender intervention-when residents contact the shelter, they are referred to Rescue Well. In an effort to keep those pets in their homes Christine says, "We give them advice on things like crate training, walking techniques, potty training tips, and, when appropriate, refer them to the list of trainers recommended by the shelter. Sometimes we make house calls if the issue merits it, say, if they need a larger crate or different food to try."
4. Post-adoption assistance (when adopters contact the shelter because they're having issues with adopted pets).
5. Supplies/owner support (i.e. food, cat litter) for residents who indicate they need assistance, and we also connect them to area pantries for long-term assistance.

     When asked how Rescue Well is handling this extra work load, Sandberg says the organization has added more people, including Jamie Rodriguez who has been assigned as the group's manager for BCAS.
     Here's part of a recent post from the BCAS Facebook page about a cooperative effort with Rescue Well:
     "Baltimore County Animal Services sent out a rescue plea for some moms and their baby kittens, who were too young to adopt. The wonderful King Street Cats rescue agreed to take two moms, their babies, and two other kittens. 
     King Street was not able to accept the cats & kittens until the end of the week. So, shelter staff sent Jamie DeRita-Rodriguez from Rescue Well... an email asking if they had a temporary foster. ... Jamie responded promptly to say they had a temporary foster and Christine Sandberg from Rescue Well would pick them up and transport them later that day...
We are so thankful to everyone that helped!" 
     This kind of life-saving assistance makes an enormous difference and, clearly, the folks at BCAS, are thrilled to have it.
     Sandberg is determined to continue Rescue Well's growth.   She says,"We're going to keep innovating and...attacking the causes of animal abuse and surrenders, and I believe we'll keep going until we no longer need to."
     Animal activists are happy to see BCAS building relationships with rescues and other groups like Rescue Well. 
     The more the shelter integrates itself into the network of resources offered by area groups, the more animals it can save and place in forever homes.  
     And that's what it's all about.
     By the way, if you would like to contact the Rescue Well hotline, the number is 410-456-1392.

     Once again, thank you to Save 90's newest advertiser, 
Robyn Geller Productions.

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