Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lots of news and a New Challenge for Jen Swanson

     There's a lot happening in the animal world around Baltimore these days. First, a big thank-you to Save 90's newest personal contributor, Mel Mintz. You'll find a full list of Save 90 advertisers and personal contributors below the text of this post.
     If you would like to buy an ad for your business or make a personal donation, please contact me. All proceeds are donated to area rescue organizations and shelters, the names of which are also listed below.

Animals Available for Adoption
Here are just a few of the animals available for adoption at Baltimore area shelters. There are many, many more.  If you're looking for a new furry companion, please adopt.

Daphne-available at the Baltimore Humane Society

Mr. Crabcake-available at the Baltimore County
Animal Shelter

Brandy-available at BARCS

Mya-Available at the MD SPCA

Some short news items:
  • A first for BAWA
     As you may know, there's a local organization known as the Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance (BAWA) and its full members include the MD SPCA, BARCS, and the Baltimore Humane Society. (Representatives for The Baltimore County Animal Shelter attend BAWA meetings and are working toward fulfilling requirements to become a full member of BAWA) For the very first time, through September of this year (figures are not yet out for October), BAWA's members are maintaining an annual 80% live release rate.
      Prior to reaching this new mark, the shelter's annual live release percentage had been hovering in the 70's.
     Moving into the 80% range is huge, especially since BAWA members were able to maintain this number through the summer months when intake numbers are always high.
     What a great accomplishment.

  • Little Dogs. Big Success Story.
     BARCS is accustomed to coping with difficult situations, but an intake of 53 chihuahuas in one day is not your average challenge.
     When Baltimore City Animal Control officers were alerted to a troubled home breeding operation, they went to her home, found 53 chihuahuas, and took them to BARCS.
     This story got big news coverage, and as soon as the dogs were available for adoption, there was a line of hopeful adopters out the door at BARCS. Within 30 minutes all of the adult dogs were adopted, except for five that were nursing mothers.
     The moms and their puppies went to foster homes. BARCS Director Jen Brause says the foster families have fallen in love with them, and she expects that by the time the puppies are old enough for adoption, the fosters and extended family and friends will adopt all of them permanently.
     Well done.
  • Baltimore County's TNR clinics a success
     Baltimore County's pilot Trap Neuter, Return program is coming along nicely.
Community Cats of MD (CCMD) is now operating out of the county's new East Side Spay/Neuter facility in Dundalk. In its first clinic in September, CCMD reported that it spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped 67 community cats (46 of them from Baltimore County).
    CCMD is beyond thrilled with its new space. Among other plusses, Peg Nemoff of CCMD says, "...we can now help caretakers by doing post surgery recovery for them. THIS IS A HUGE PLUS FOR OUR PROGRAM.  Recovery space was always problematic at the BARCS site.  The City didn't have space for us to do recovery. As it was, we were infringing on Animal Control's space and on we housed cats in their shared garage from Saturday noon until Sunday night for each monthly clinic. The County space we have been given is a dream come true."
     Real kudos to Baltimore County for partnering with CCMD and giving it this great new home.
  • CAPA for MD
     You may remember the effort during the last General Assembly session to pass a
Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA), which would set uniform standards for shelters in the state of MD. The bill did not pass, but efforts are underway to craft a bill that can pass in the coming legislative session.
     A number of people recently participated in a discussion on the bill during a work session of the House Environment and Transportation Committee.
     Some shelter directors, including representatives from BARCS, the Humane Society of
Harford County, Montgomery County's Animal Services Division, and Talbot Humane all favor the concept of uniform standards but also expressed concerns about the bill.
  Among the criticisms is a concern that the bill is actually too complicated and detailed and would be better and more effective if it laid out broad requirements rather than so many specifics.
     In addition, some worry that the requirements could require shelters to spend money that they don't have.
     Another criticism is based on enforcement of the bill's provisions, and who would carry it out.
     Expect to hear more bout this when the General Assembly session gets underway in January.

  • LOTS of festivals!
      Dogs and owners were out in force at this year's Baltimore Humane Society Dogfest and BARCS's BARCStoberfest. 
    I was lucky enough to judge the costume contest at BARCStoberfest. Here were a couple of winning highlights:

Ninja Warriors 

Ghost Busters

Too much, right?

Now on to the main subject of this post:
A New Challenge for Jen Swanson
    Most of us have come to know Jen Swanson as the Executive Director of the
Baltimore Humane Society. Jen recently took a new job as Executive Director of the
Humane Society of Harford County.
     Save 90 recently visited with Jen to learn more about the Harford County shelter and about the vision she has for its future.
     Jen explained that, while Harford County is more rural than Baltimore County, there are similarities between the shelters in these two jurisdictions. For one, Harford County's shelter is also open admission, although, unlike Baltimore County, it is run as a non-profit. Each takes in about the same number of animals (about 4500) per year. And like Baltimore County, a new shelter facility is under construction.
     Check out this short video interview with Jen to learn more.

     Jen expects to move into the new shelter building right before Christmas. Then work will begin on demolition of old buildings and construction of the parking lot. It's hoped that all will be completed by mid-February.
     The total cost of the new facility is $7.5 million, and the Harford County government is paying for $6 million dollars of the cost. The shelter is working on fund-raising the rest.
     Jen is excited to move into the new building, and, in addition to growing her volunteer program and making other improvements, she looks forward to being able to offer training classes for the public.
     It's a fresh new beginning for Jen and the county's animals.

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