Friday, October 17, 2014

Ads; The Good Kind!

     Are you ready for a game changer? Well, here it is. I'm initiating a new element on this blog. Save 90 will now feature "ads." These will not be typical advertisements. I'm engaging members of the Baltimore County business community and enlisting their support for the concepts behind Save 90.
     So, now you will see their "ads" on this page with every post.
     "Advertisers" will pay $90, $190, $290, well, you get the picture…any amount they want that includes the number "90". They will then have videos on this blog where they express their support for Save 90.
     All money raised will go into a Save 90 bank account, and each time the account balance reaches $750, I'll write a check for that amount to an area animal rescue group.
     I'll keep a running list on the blog of all "advertisers" and the total amount of money we've raised together, so you'll know which area businesses really care about the animals in our shelter. I hope you'll support them.
     And here's the best part. Our Baltimore County government will see that this issue matters, not just to individuals but also to the business owners whose jobs and taxes are the backbone of our county. When county officials see how many people want real change at our shelter, how can they justify doing things the same old way?
     I want to especially thank my first "advertisers":  Bobby Ginsberg of Chesapeake Contracting in Reisterstown, Judy Greer of Needles and Threads of Ruxton, the Fram family of Bare Necessities in Greenspring Station, and Edie Brown of Edie Brown Associates in Mays Chapel.
     Here is the first group of Save 90 "ads."

     Because of the generosity of our first advertisers and others who will appear on this blog soon, Save 90 has already written its first two checks of $750 each to area rescue organizations: Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF) and Adopt a Homeless Animal (AAHA).    
     Here's how you can help. If you know a Baltimore County business owner who wants to "advertise" here and show their support for Save 90, have them contact me. I can be reached via email at
     We ARE making a difference together. Let's keep going.


  1. There are people who help Animal Allies who are taking tipped cats to BCAS to be put down. Animal Allies will not do anything to stop these people, even though these people are misrepresenting them.

  2. Deb,
    What a great addition to the blog & what a wonderful idea!


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