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It Takes a Village. Or two.

     Before we get to our main topic, Save 90 extends many thanks to its latest advertisers: Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley and one of the authors on its shelves, Mary Jane Buettner.
     Greetings and Readings is contributing in two ways to Save 90. Not only has it purchased an ad on the blog, but it's also hosting an upcoming book signing for Mary Jane Buettner, a local author who's donating profits from that event to Save 90. More on that in just a few moments. 
     You'll find new ads below this post's text, as well as a full list of advertisers and individual donors, and a sum of all money raised by Save 90 for area rescues and animal shelters.

Do You Want to Make a Huge Difference for the Animals at BCAS? Now's Your Chance!
     Baltimore County is accepting applications for the two new positions being created at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter: a volunteer coordinator and a foster coordinator.
Here are the links if you want to apply.
1) Animal Services Foster Coordinator (

2) Animal Services Volunteer Coordinator (
New Commission Appointments. Wonderful!
     Two more Baltimore County Council members have named their appointees to the Animal Services Oversight Commission. 
District 6 Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has announced she is appointing Janice Vincent.
     Bevins says Vincent is a retired advertising account representative who is "an advocate for the rescue and adoption of dogs and cats and has provided foster services for pets in need of forever homes."
     District 7 Councilman Todd Crandell has appointed 
Roy Plummer. In an email announcement, Councilman Crandell says Plummer, "has decades of experience in many roles relating to animal services, including training, various certifications, and experience as a veterinary assistant. Roy comes highly recommended by prominent veterinarians and brings an understanding of the sciences that inform public policy regarding animal welfare."
     There are now two Council members who have yet to make their appointments...1st District Councilman Tom Quirk and 4th District Councilman Julian Jones, Jr. 
     Save 90 urges these Council members to make their appointments as soon as possible so the Commission can begin its work.

Two More Videos For BCAS
     BCAS is continuing to allow me to do videos for some of the shelter animals in hopes that this might help get them adopted. Here are links to the two most recent videos. Thank you, BCAS!

It Takes a Village. 
     Hillary Clinton coined this phrase in the title of a book she wrote in 1996. Her book, "It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us" focused on the impact individuals and groups outside the family have on a child's well-being. The same is true when it comes to the well-being of animals.
     There are so many animal advocates in our area who do amazing work in different ways. Some have formed their own groups or volunteer at area shelters or rescues. Some work to fight animal cruelty; some find homes for homeless animals; others get involved politically. Each of us does what we can, focusing on the things we do best. Collectively, we form a village of people who make things better for animals.
     This is where a former Mrs. Maryland named 
Mary Jane Buettner comes in.
     Mary Jane always wanted to write a novel with the specific goal of donating all profits to charity. She published "A Key to Love" in 2013 and has donated to many causes including the 
American Heart Association, the Wounded Warrior Project, and The Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County.
     Her next event will benefit Save 90. 
     Watch this 1 minute video to hear more about Mary Jane's dedication to charity, her love for animals, and why she chose Save 90 as her latest beneficiary.

     So, if you can make it to Hunt Valley on Saturday, May 2 between 1 and 5 P.M., stop in to Greetings and Readings, purchase a copy of  "A Key to Love" and Mary Jane Buettner will sign it for you. 
     I hope you can make it to support Mary Jane and Save 90.

Another town's village
     While Save 90 focuses on local shelters around Baltimore and particularly the Baltimore County Animal Shelter, many other Maryland communities are struggling with similar issues and problems at their own shelters.
     In Queen Anne's County, a group of volunteers 
believed that Queen Anne's County Animal Services wasn't doing enough to save lives. In 2013, for example, the shelter euthanized 37.4% of the animals that came in to the shelter. Only 27 dogs and 2 cats went to rescue. 
     The volunteers began working with rescue organizations to get some of the dogs out, and even used their own money to board some of the animals at a local boarding facility.
      One day they realized they had more dogs in boarding than there were in the shelter, and decided it was time to make real change.
     In 2013, county lawmakers agreed to allow the volunteers to form a charitable organization (501 C3) to take over the open admissions shelter. In a public/private partnership, the county provides a yearly stipend. 
     They re-named the facility 
The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne's County,
and today staff members focus on saving every life possible. 
     Here's a video just over a minute long that shows some of the wonderful work they're doing.

     Here's the bottom line of what The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne's County (AWLQAC) accomplished in 2014, as compared with numbers from 2013 when the shelter was run by the county.

                                                  2013                    2014 (AWLQAC)
Dog Intake:                               318                      418     

Dogs reclaimed,
transferred to rescue,
adopted                                      203                     381

Dog Live Release Rate:            63.8%                 91.1% 

Cat Intake:                                435                      767     
Cats reclaimed,
transferred to rescue,
adopted                                      96                       655

Cat Live Release Rate             22.1%                 85.4%       

(It's a little difficult to compare some numbers because the county in 2013 lists a category for animals "released/lost" and puts the number at 9. It doesn't indicate if these are dogs or cats or some other kind of animal. I have no idea how an animal might be released or lost.)
     The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne's County has a much smaller intake than the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. Still, what its members have accomplished proves change can and does happen. It's happening in Baltimore County on many levels too.
     Don't be discouraged while we wait for the new shelter volunteer coordinator and foster coordinator to start work and make progress after the start of the new fiscal year or while we wait for the outcome of a pilot TNR program in the county. 
     Change comes slowly. But look at where we are today and compare it with where we were a year ago.
     There has been a sea change. We must all stay focused and diligent and remain constructive in our approach. Polite and respectful dialogue is essential. 
     There's a long way to go. We will get there.

Now Save 90's newest ads from Greetings and Readings and Author Mary Jane Buettner.

Here's a complete list of Save 90 advertisers:
Chesapeake Contracting
Needles and Threads of Ruxton
Bare Necessities
Edie Brown Associates
The Mark Building Company
Studio of Makeup
BJS Insurance
Parsonizing Dry Cleaners
Graul's Market
Zibazz Hair Studio
Linens and Lingerie
Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection
Nationwide Nissan
The Jewelry Lady
The Big Screen Store and The Sofa Store
Barre at the Quarry
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Matava Shoes
Gourmet Again
Four Corners Travel
Charles Levine Caterers
Len Stoler Auto Group
Eddie's of Roland Park on North Charles Street
Studio 111
Great Finds and Designs
Stone Mill Bakery
The Manor Shopping Center Merchants Association
The Silberstein Insurance Group: Employee Benefits Consultants 
The Suburban House Restaurant
Zibazz Day Spa and Makeup Art
Steven Caplan, Esq.
Anne George (Bark Busters)
Greetings and Readings
Mary Jane Buettner, Author

Individual Contributors to save 90:
Jim and Bonnie Hunter
Marty Sitnick
Elmo Barranco
Eric Brennan

Funds raised so far: $8210.00

Recipients of Save 90:
Animal Allies Rescue Foundation
Adopt a Homeless Animal
Feline Rescue Association
Tara's House
Bella's Bully Buddies
Homeward Trails
Recycled Love
Baltimore Humane Society

If you know of a business that would like to buy an ad or an individual who would like to donate to Save 90, please ask them to email me at
Thank you!

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