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     Let's start with a big thank you to Save 90's newest advertiser:
Costas Inn


     Save 90 has a new personal contributor as well. Thank you so much to Mo Shinnawi.
Below the text of this post, you'll find full lists of Save 90 advertisers and personal contributors, as well as organizations supported by these ads and donations, and the total amount of money raised so far. All money raised is donated to rescue groups and shelters.

     Here are some of the animals available for adoption at shelters in our area:

Moxie-available at the MD SPCA

Croissant-available at BARCS

Wave-available at the Baltimore Humane Society

Breezy 1-Available at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter

     There are, of course, many more wonderful animals available at all the shelters in our area. If you're looking for a new pet, please adopt.

  • The Commission Gets Rolling
      It took several months, but all County Council members have made their appointments to the Animal Services Oversight Commission and they, along with those appointed by the County Executive, have now begun work. I'm honored to have been named Commission Chair.
     Here's a list of the 7 Commission members appointed by the County Council:
Darla Feeheley appointed by District 1 Councilman Tom Quirk
Deborah Stone appointed byDistrict 2 Councilwoman Vicki Almond
Dr. Jean Townsend, D.V.M. appointed by District 3 Councilman Wade Kach
Dr. Bruce Brown, D.V.M. appointed by District 4 Councilman Julian Jones
Joy Freedman appointed by District 5 Councilman David Marks
Janice Vincent appointed by District 6 Councilwoman Cathy Bevins
Roy Plummer appointed by District 7 Councilman Todd Crandell

Here are the 4 County Executive Appointments:
Leslie Kaminsky
Kevin Reed
James P. O'Neill
Dr. Jocelyn Spiga, D.V.M.

     In its first meeting, the Commission made plans to have one group of Commission members visit the Baltimore County Animal Shelter, and a second group of members will get information on plans for the new Baltimore County Animal Shelter which is under construction.
        All meetings of the Commission are open to the public. The next meeting is scheduled for August 25th at 6:30 P.M. at the Towson branch of the Public Library. After that, the meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M.

  • The Howard County Animal Welfare Society
    The last Save 90 post included a report of complaints about the privately-run
Howard County Animal Welfare Society. Save 90 learned that Howard County Animal Control is conducting an investigation into that organization, and the investigation will be discussed at a future meeting of the Howard County Animal Matters Hearing Board.
     Howard County Animal Control Administrator Deborah Baracco tells Save 90 that this issue will likely be discussed at the board's September meeting. Save 90 will follow up.
  • Dogs, Cats, Other
      There has been a new addition to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter (BCAS) webpage. Until recently, the page listed only dogs and cats needing homes. But the shelter gets other animals in addition to dogs and cats. The web page is now featuring them too.
     Including these other available pets in addition to dogs and cat is another sign of progress at BCAS.

  • New MD SPCA Director
 From a press release issued by the MD SPCA:

"After an extensive nationwide search, the Maryland SPCA Board of Directors announces the selection of a new executive director. Byron Logan, who was the director of corporate and national outreach at North Shore Animal League America, will officially take the helm of the MD SPCA on   August 24, 2015. Former Executive Director Aileen Gabbey left the position she held for close to 20 years in July to relocate to Georgia with her family."
Congratulations to Byron Logan! Save 90 looks forward to interviewing him in the future.
                                    New MD SPCA Dir. Byron Logan with his dog, Madison

Now the main focus of this post: Show your Soft Side
     What do Orioles Manager Buck Showalter, Motley Crue's Tommy Lee, and
MMA fighter John Rallo have in common? They're all "Softies"...tough guys who are ambassadors for "Show Your Soft Side", a public service campaign developed to combat animal abuse in Baltimore.    
     Show Your Soft Side is the brain child of Advertising Creative Director Sande Riesett who wanted to reach Baltimore's youth, because many cases of animal abuse in the city are perpetrated by juveniles. Her idea: use tough-looking athletes and musicians as "Softies", the faces of the
Soft Side campaign.
     Riesett needed help, so she proposed her concept to Animal Welfare Institute Board Member Caroline Griffin and 98 Rock Promotions Director Lori Smyth. They loved it, and all three got to work, launching Show Your Soft Side in 2011. Since then, they, along with Baltimore photographer Leo Lubow, have made the "Softies" a real phenomenon through billboards and posters, as well as on the web.

     Soft Side billboards like the one above can be seen in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. The Show Your Soft Side Facebook page reaches around the world. It has been "liked" by 40 thousand people.
     There are now about 100 "Softies", each of whom has been photographed with animals, many their own pets. Their photographs appear along with the slogan, "Only a Punk Would Hurt a Cat or Dog."
     Ravens Defensive Tackle Brandon Williams, is the newest Softie. His posters went online last week.

     Says Caroline Griffin, "When Sande had the idea of creating Soft Side, she thought, kids are not going to listen to us as middle-aged women. We need people who are good role models who will have an impact on these kids. And who do the kids look up to? It really is athletes."
     Riesett says the whole idea came to her while watching her husband with their rescued cat, saying, "He was a scholarship football player. He's a runner. He's a pretty tough guy. And, yet, when he's around our cat, his whole tone changes and he becomes a big mush ball. So, I wondered, if he had this whole different side when he was with animals, would other guys have the same thing?"
    The answer is a resounding YES. Each Softie poster is a testament to the bond that exists between people (yes, even tough guys) and their pets. And the example Softies set for the young people who idolize them is unmistakeable: Compassion is a strength, not a weakness.
    Riesett is especially proud that many Softies have been so motivated by their involvement in the campaign, they've joined the Animal Welfare movement.
     "Unlike a lot of campaigns that feature celebrities," she says, "these guys don't just come in, take a picture and leave. They get actively involved, and many of them now sit on shelter boards, have fostered or adopted more animals, have become spokespeople in Annapolis and D.C., and I think that is one of the best things we have done."
     It's difficult to know whether the campaign has a direct impact on the number of animal abuse cases in Baltimore. But it unquestionably brings attention to the crime of animal cruelty, recruits new voices into the fight against abuse, and, at the very least, sends a message to young people that the men and women they idolize would never hurt a cat or dog.
     Here's a short Save 90 video about the powerful campaign that is Show Your Soft Side.

     Show Your Soft Side is more than just a poster, billboard, and online campaign. It's also a fund-raising operation. Its biggest annual event benefits the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). It's called "Pawject Runway", and includes what it calls "the hippest fashion show in town", with Softies walking the runway with shelter animals from BARCS. This year's event was the third annual Pawject Runway, and the 3-year fund-raising total has topped $200,000. Incredible.
     Show Your Soft Side is proof that caring, motivated people really can make this world a better place for animals.

Message to Save 90's readers:
It's always challenging to find companies willing to support this blog. Please ask the companies and restaurants, etc. with which you do business if they would be willing to buy an ad on 
Save 90. 
Please inform them that all money raised goes to rescue groups and animal shelters. If you or someone you know would like to buy an ad or make a donation, contact me at debstone01@comcast.net. Thank you!

Once again, thank you to our latest advertiser, Costas Inn. 

Here's a complete list of Save 90 advertisers (Save 90 hopes you'll support them):
Chesapeake Contracting
Needles and Threads of Ruxton
Bare Necessities
Edie Brown Associates
The Mark Building Company
Studio of Makeup
BJS Insurance
Parsonizing Dry Cleaners
Graul's Market
Zibazz Hair Studio
Linens and Lingerie
Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection
Nationwide Nissan
The Jewelry Lady
The Big Screen Store and The Sofa Store
Barre at the Quarry
The Lichter Group
The Little Shoebox
Window Consultants, Inc.
Matava Shoes
Gourmet Again
Four Corners Travel
Charles Levine Caterers
Len Stoler Auto Group
Eddie's of Roland Park on North Charles Street
Studio 111
Great Finds and Designs
Stone Mill Bakery
The Manor Shopping Center Merchants Association
The Silberstein Insurance Group: Employee Benefits Consultants
The Suburban House Restaurant
Zibazz Day Spa and Makeup Art
Steven Caplan, Esq.
Anne George (Bark Busters)
Greetings and Readings
Mary Jane Buettner, Author
About Faces
Stevenson Village Veterinary Hospital
Cavalier Realty
Octavia Boutique
Andy's Animals
The Red Garter
Alexruz Photography
Robyn Geller Productions
Costas Inn

Individual Contributors to Save 90:
Jim and Bonnie Hunter
Marty Sitnick
Elmo Barranco
Eric Brennan
Amy Elias
Sheldon and Jamie Caplis
Kathleen and Jim McGee
Mo Shinnawi

Recipients of Save 90 (Each has received a check for $750):
Animal Allies Rescue Foundation
Adopt a Homeless Animal
Feline Rescue Association
Tara's House
Bella's Bully Buddies
Homeward Trails
Recycled Love
Baltimore Humane Society
Rescue Well
Seniors for Seniors

Total funds raised so far: $8640.00


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